Sunday 7 March 2010

7 March 2010

Couldn't resist a final few hours fishing before returning to London. We didn't have any bleak so we tried sprats and plugs but nothing was playing today. Can't catch every time but still had a great morning, this would have been a different post if the large perch that followed my plug into the bank hadn't shied away at the last moment.

So it was 31 pike over the weekend with 5 doubles and a new personal best of 25lb 4oz - Yay!


  1. Hello Brian,
    Well done on your new PB, What a great blog you have, And those Pike are champion, I will read up on your reports, And i will also put a link to your blog on my blog, Keep up the good work,

  2. Nice blog Brian, some cracking fish. Thanks for the join and the link. Will do likewise.

  3. Thanks guys. Paddy Pike, I've added a link to your blog right, only found it yesterday so still reading it. Oli, great blog - I've been following it from the start.

  4. Hi Brian, great blog, I will be following your postings from now and have set up a link. Well done with the PB and I will be looking forward to the next posting.