Saturday, 12 October 2019


Ping. I’d landed four barbel to about 4½lb and now I was watching something special. A good double, and as she moved to my side of the weed bed I trundled a cube of luncheon meat down to her - she nailed it straight away - fish on - for about 30-40 seconds before the hook pinged out - I watched a potential PB dart back into the weeds...

Gutted. I started making my way home - but there was still a couple of spots I wanted to try on route. And in one my fortunes changed. An unsighted barbel hit my bait - hell of a fight in the fast water, including getting snagged - but by then I’d seen her and waded out to free the line - wet shoes and jeans but totally worth it!

Meatball. A very distinctive fish (James named her Meatball) and she’s been out a few times over the years. For a while it looked like she’d peaked in weight getting caught between 9lb & 10lb, but last year James caught her at 11lb 2oz - and I’m glad the growth spurt is continuing - weighing as she did 12lb 1oz - brilliant!


  1. Replies
    1. Superb condition and fit to burst - looks like a February fish!

    2. I'll let you know what she goes in Feb :)

    3. Cheers, you can take the photo for me as well if you’re there :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Stunning looking fish. Made up for loosing the big one half an hour before... But it would have been nice to have landed a brace of twelves - those chances don’t come round often.

  3. Lovely fish - I hope you deducted an ounce or two for the wart :o)

    1. I weigh my fish warts and all! Just as well really, that lump pushed it over the twelve mark!!