Saturday, 17 June 2017


The day we've been waiting for was finally here, the kit was prepared and alarm set for 2.30am...

Opening day and I was on The Stour for sunrise to continue my quest for a 7lb chub, but as the light began to reveal the river I could see the chub were still spawning - they weren't interested in feeding...

By 7am the sun was already strong and a couple of hours later I thought I'd switch to lure fishing, aiming for a back-up perch my first fish of the season was nearly a big trout before he spat the hook.

The first fish was the mini-perch above, followed by several more of his (slightly) bigger brothers. A couple of follows by jacks - but even they wouldn't commit in the hot daylight...

The only option was a bait 'n' wait into dusk, would a chub or two slip up? Yes they would - but only fish up to about 12oz - not the ones I was here for - I'll be back for them...

*The title 'Glorious' refers to the weather, not the fishing!


  1. Ha Ha, at least we saw some units, we'll be back!

    1. Yeah, that one on the pebbles - mine!