Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Dinosaur Tour

I popped up to see the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs. Neglected, ignored and in disrepair* - and I love them! It was the first dinosaur park in the world - featuring the first life-size dinosaur models. Can you imagine being a kid in 1854 going to see them? Wikipedia.

*The dinosaurs were restored in 2002 but the park is in disrepair.


  1. I recall seeing them on TV as a kid, was it Blue Peter? I still want to see them. Gotta love anything with dinosaurs... except the new Jurassic Park movie - pee yoo!

    1. They’re absolutely fantastic - and everyone just ignores them! Great to see what they thought dinosaurs looked like 170 years ago. Love that park. Also, the pond they’re in is chock-full of perch (was trying to think of an angle to put them on a fishing blog) - might have to sneak a lure rod in!