Tuesday 2 August 2022

Dinosaur Tour

I popped up to see the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs. Neglected, ignored and in disrepair* - and I love them! It was the first dinosaur park in the world - featuring the first life-size dinosaur models. Can you imagine being a kid in 1854 going to see them? Wikipedia.

*The dinosaurs were restored in 2002 but the park is in disrepair.


  1. I recall seeing them on TV as a kid, was it Blue Peter? I still want to see them. Gotta love anything with dinosaurs... except the new Jurassic Park movie - pee yoo!

    1. They’re absolutely fantastic - and everyone just ignores them! Great to see what they thought dinosaurs looked like 170 years ago. Love that park. Also, the pond they’re in is chock-full of perch (was trying to think of an angle to put them on a fishing blog) - might have to sneak a lure rod in!

    2. Only just found this page, lovely blog and glad you're getting back to health now. I grew up in that area and learned to fish on the club lake in the park, cracking place. Boating lake used to have specimens of all sorts in there too. Proper nostalgic reference this post.

    3. Might have to sneak a fishing rod in there then :-)