Friday 13 August 2021

The Search For Barney

River is low and gin-clear, so with my kit and net on my back - armed with polaroids - I set out to explore the 2 mile stretch that produced six doubles last season - they've got to be in there somewhere! Peeking in any little gap and even climbing trees for a better view they remained hidden - I'll find them!

I found several shoals of small barbel on a long shallow run and set about getting them feeding confidently on the surface - I took a video of them competing for the floating crust - I'll upload at some point. Starting downstream I worked my way up, catching one without spooking the next - landing ten of the little beauties!

Before walking home (still walking) I decided to sit it out for an hour - see if there was something I'd missed. Classic barbel bite and I was surprised to find myself connected to a monster eel - second one on bread this season. Was sure it was a three - but still a fantastic new PB of 2lb 12oz - impossible to hold for a selfie!


  1. Well done.
    I was catching tench on floating crust once upon a time, and there was an eel of about 4lbs taking the crusts too. I did try, that would have been an unusual catch.

    1. Cheers. The eel was caught on ledgered bread but I have seen them take flies off the surface on The Wye. A 4lb eel would be great, one off the surface even better!