Wednesday 20 January 2021

Elusive Perch

There aren't many perch in the small river - and as nobody targets them - is there a hidden monster lurking about? Neglect, lack of comptetion and plenty of baitfish - sounds perfect.

Perfect if I could find them! A three mile stretch thrashed to a foam as I put a varity of lures in any little gaps I could cast to - not even a follow! But I knew it wasn't going to be quick or easy. Next time?!

I had a few slices of bread left in my bag - so before I ran out of daylight I went back to some pacier water and bagged a couple of blank-saver barbel - too far to walk for a dreaded blank.

Edit: I removed the trebles and flattened the barb on the main hook on the lures shown before I used them.