Thursday 10 September 2020

Alien Invasion

I hooked my second barbel on a lure - by design - and although I only had him on for 10-15 seconds it was long enough to prove the first wasn’t a fluke! It’s filled me full of confidence and I’ll be digging though the lure box and be back for round three very soon.

I did take some Spam as a backup & bagged the small barbel above. Blank saved - back to lure fishing - except... Another rod bites the dust! Can’t complain - I got my money’s worth out of that fishing rod! Another Rovex Lure Pro Quad ordered - £40 - should last 2-3 years?!



  1. Interesting. I once put a jelly crayfish in a swim full of chub and they departed in every direction. Was it that little green job that enticed the barbel?

    1. I thought I had some jelly crayfish here - they might work on barbel. A brown version of the ‘little green job’ scored the take (and was destroyed in the process).

      Think I’m going to use smaller lures and be a bit more delicate in my approach next time - I was basically pike fishing for barbel - probably scaring the crap out of them!

    2. Sounds like a plan. Small and soft lures cast or trundled down to fish you can see should work. Mate of mine has had plenty on nymphs.

    3. I’ll give it a whirl. And one on the fly is still on the list - I seem to like making life difficult for myself ;-)