Saturday 1 February 2020

Wye: High Pressure

On the Wye searching for pike and joined by my brother, Paulos - I don’t normally feel any real pressure to catch fish - but he’d travelled 4,127 miles from Georgia to wet a line here - must find a pike!

I needn’t have worried, Paul was soon into a pike about 7lb on a ledgered smelt -phew! A few hours and a bit of searching later a mid-double found the net, 15lb 9oz, on a float fished bleak. (+1.2)

Pressure off the trip we both added a jack each before I landed a mid-double on a ledgered sprat - unfortunately a recapture of Paul’s fifteen (2 hours later). Cracking first day - more to follow I hope...


  1. Good stuff! Did you get any more..?

    1. Four days, dawn until dusk for eight pike - 4 doubles so far - pretty tough going...

    2. Well done - some nice fish there! Hope you get a big one to top it off! I’m back myself at the weekend - looks like the river should be settling down nicely..

    3. A twenty would be nice, but great to already have a few doubles on the scoreboard - just nice to be catching Wye pike! Conditions looking better everyday - good luck at the weekend - let me know how you get on.