Friday 17 November 2017

Tidal Predators 2

Back on the tidal thames in search of predators, and after a lot of hard work bait fishing, we were loaded up with minnows and mini-dace hoping to winkle out some perch and zander (and pike, I know they'll take a small bait).

James had brought along one larger dace and started off trying to find a pike - and it wasn't long before he had a run. Looked about 17lb as it surfaced by the boat before spitting the hook - had we made a mistake with the small bait?

We both lost zander but I finally got one to stay on the hook - my first river zed - 5lb 6oz - and what a beauty. Green stripped back and blue in the pelvic fins - in this gin-clear water they are much prettier than their muddy puddle cousins.

It was to be my only predator of the day - but I'm still delighted, a tidal zed brilliant! I did land this clonking gudgeon while bait fishing, me and James agreed it looked over 2oz but we didn't have mini scales - ah well. I put it back, this one wasn't going to be bait!


  1. Good day for you, not so this end, every dog has his day :)

    Lovely Zed though, never seen one look so pretty!

    1. I have to out-fish you once in a while... And yeah, stunning zed!