Friday 27 March 2015

Jack's Pike #226


  1. Just noticed on the Piscators website that there is a public meeting tomorrow evening to discuss where the fish have gone on the river. Sadly already committed elsewhere but you might well have a view.

    1. I popped along, interesting stuff.

      About the EA and improvements to the river. They are trying to add more features, depths and different speeds to try and stop the fry washing away each season.

      The growth rates of the fish was pretty interesting as well; dace and roach are ahead of the curve, while barbel are slightly behind it.

      And the problem of poaching was addressed, basically they are very short staffed, but if you see it report it to the number on the back of your licence, even if the EA don't come out straight away it'll help them build a picture of problem areas and that is where future patrols will target.

      A good night, sadly I had to dash off before the end, would have been nice to have a pint or two with some of the other anglers, ah well - next time.