Saturday 3 May 2014

Down On The Farm 4

I was a bit worried the cold temperature of the last couple days may have put the fish off the feed, but with work going mad I had to head to the Farm incase I'm working for the next few weekends.

An my fears we realised, a very quiet morning. I sat it out and just after 3pm, when most people had gone home, the lake came to life...

14 tench for 39lb 2oz. Best 4lb 10oz.

3 crucians, 1lb 6oz, 1lb 5oz & 2lb 0oz (4lb 11oz).

2 bream for 5lb 12oz. Best 3lb 14oz - New PB, wouldn't be a day on the Farm without beating a personal best!

And about 10lb of bits, lots of skimmers to about 12oz, roach from blades to about 8oz and one gudgeon & one perch.

All in it was a 60lb day - a great day!


  1. And James, it was shorts weather :)

  2. Haha, so it was and i was stuck at work, tut tut tut, look what i missed out on, but that's life. I will try to get down there next weekend if the weather is right. Well in though Brian, it sounded tough ! first.

    1. Plently of time to refine my shotting pattern in the morning (pretty happy with it now, left it intact so I can copy it exactly next time). But a great afternoon, real struggle to drag myself away.

      Camera was a pain - random amount of time on self takes - the top photo the crucian is posing beautifully and I'm about to loose my temper and chuck the camera in! And it wouldn't work at all when the grass snake was hunting in my swim.

      New software installed ready for next time... Can't wait...