Tuesday 8 October 2013

Life's A Beach...

...I didn't catch my moray eel. But now it's pike time!


  1. on a positive note11 October 2013 at 19:11

    you've got all your fingers left
    (those moray eels have sharp teeth).
    .. So, this autumn, you can catch
    pike and finish Jack's Pike vol.4
    (my Xmas stocking present!).

    1. All my fingers and my toes... It's just time I lack!

  2. Well, what did you catch? Looks too good of a spot to be devoid of fish.

  3. Day 1: Scouted out some moray looking spots, one spot in particular, a man made breakwater - it was all caves and holes... And the locals I was trying to communicate with seemed to think there were eels there.

    Day 2: On route to my eel spot, walking across a beach I saw some (unknown) predators attacking a shoal of mullet. Quickly swapped over to a plug and hit one on the third cast...

    It shot out to sea at an alarming rate, so I gave it some welly and then BANG, it sounded like a gun shot as my fishing rod shattered... And my prize escaped the barbless lure...

    Day 3: Surprisingly difficult to track down a tackle shop & a decent replacement rod... In the end I didn't have the gear to go after my (now 2) targets.

    Caught some small fish, and some sun. But not really the trip I had in mind - but it's cheap to get there, so I will be back!

    1. Have got some photos, I'll post a few when I get a second.