Friday 16 August 2013

Four For...

7lb 13oz

7lb 7oz


Used to love it when I wrote a report... Got to be up in about 3 hours...


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    1. Cheers Stew. I'm starting to think it's going to be Dan's season, as well as the two he caught he also bumped two more off (one on my rod while I was having a pee).

      Both the sevens got well snagged, I think we were lucky to see them... Fingers crossed they are finally on the munch.

  2. Photo 2: An Explanation

    In the excitement of a fish, and the rush to get them back, photos often turn out blurred or we miss the tail etc. To combat this we mostly take 2 photos, sometimes three.

    The rule is; whichever one the fish looks best in is the one that goes on the site, it's the same rule for me as everyone else.

    It's not my fault Dan looks like a frog taking a dump in the second photo... The fish looks great!

  3. Is that not the same double you caught a few times last season?

    1. Yeah, it's The Pig! Third time Dan has caught her in three seasons, and the second time she's been out this year as far as we know - a stupid but very welcome fish... It's almost like bumping into an old friend!

    2. BTW, we didn't name her, heard it's unlucky to name a fish except for carp... Don't know who makes up these luck rules, but we seem to stick to them!

  4. Anonymous brings up a thought in my mind. Are there any tagging programs on the freshwater fish in the UK?
    Is it known if barbel for example have a home range or are they fairly nomadic in nature. I'm sure there are many variables for them, suitable habitat, ample food supply, satisfactory breeding areas and protection from predation etc...
    Obviously any angler cannot pick and choose which individual fish will pick up their baited hook (except maybe that guy on Youtube with that 40Lb pike;)), but it is amazing when a water, where certain fish seem to be caught several times a season, throws up a completely unknown or random fish. Thats the beauty of fishing, you just never know what will bite.
    Great fish fellas.

    1. There have been tagging programmes on pike but I don't think there has been on barbel - going to have to go look it up on Google...

      And as I typed that I remembered there is a program started last year on the Thames - a number of juvenile shoals have been released in a few locations each with a coloured tattoo so we can report where they get caught throughout their lives - will be interesting.

      As for this fish; it has a bump on it's tail making it easy to identify - a natural tag - and she gets caught regularly. Range so far seem to be about half a mile...

      But who knows, when the weirs flood over she may just decide to move - that's the beauty of river fishing especially - who knows what will move in and out of your swim?

    2. Interestingly we've caught all three of these fish before - yet the previous 2 Dan caught we haven't seen before.

    3. * As far as I can tell.