Thursday 5 April 2012

Jack's Pike #71

Jack's News
Well I've finally given in and bought, so there will be a website when I get round to it. And I'm putting the finishing touches to volume 2 of the book (comics 101-200) which is set to hit Lulu in June.

And Jack is packing up his fishing gear and heading to Japan, I got the roughs through this morning - can't wait to see the finished artwork - even though I can't read it!


  1. You're right, he could be advertising used cars for all I know!

    I do know a few kanji, for fish, fishing, river etc... So it's something to do with that...

  2. Hi Brian,
    I love your comics and how you catch sometimes very subtle things related to fishing. I went to the fishing shop in the closed season, just to buy the hooks as well :-) And my wife loves it to - she recognizes some mental patterns :-)

  3. いいですね (good idea)

  4. Ha ha. I went to the tackle shop yesterday for my dad a packet of ledger stops. I then ended up spending £30 on stuff I didn't need.

  5. On-line shopping can be pretty addictive too... A fisherman's bag is usually heavier than the fish caught during the day on the river. (Except the author, with his 20 pounders). Excess luggage anyone? ;-)