Tuesday 26 April 2011


Just back from a long weekend in Haarlem, Holland. Even when I was packing I was tempted to stow away a light lure rod and a handful of lures - but I didn't have time to research permits, rules and what fish were there. But there were rivers, ponds and hundreds of miles of very pikey-looking canals, I might have missed a trick.

I did meet a couple of fishermen, they were few and far between, and all were after carp, but I did see a pike lure hung up in a waterside tree. A friend of mine who fishes in England has recently moved there, he's going to look into the local fishing and I'm going to do some internet research - and hopefully I'll be back later in the year after a Dutch pike..!

Obligatory bike/tulip photo!


  1. Hi Brian,

    I live in Holland and it is still a closed season here. New season opens from last weekend of May, which is May 28th this year. The Dutch waters are very good if it comes to pike fishing, I would say it is the best second place in Europe to fish for a pike just after Sweden.

    Sitting with a rod on my couch and counting the days,


  2. Hi Majk,

    I wondered why there was so much water and so few fishermen - the closed season explains it! I need to do some research but I'd love to come back when it gets a bit cooler and target some canal pike.

    New season opens on the 16th June here - so even longer to wait for me...

  3. hahaha Brian i wondered what had happened to you, You dont half get around on yer bike haha, My brother lives in holland and he says everyone he works with go Pike fishing towards the winter, He lives not far from miles of water and wont go, Must be mad, I keep telling him when i go there that he should come fishing just for a day, He says fishing is a waste of time and he will stick to his Golf "WHAT THE" Says Fishing is a worm at one end and a fool at the other haha So Golf must be a good walk spoiled hehe, I know if and when you go again you will bag up on the Pike,
    Good Luck Brian,