Tuesday 18 January 2011


Well I'm waiting to go pike fishing - I haven't caught a pike all season - and we are getting close to the end of January. I managed 2 twenties last season and 2 the season before that, and was hoping to continue the trend. The problem has been the weather, snow, frozen, rain, flood... I have been keeping an eye on the river levels and the weather reports and fingers crossed I'll be hitting the Wye very soon.

I have re-discovered my love of chub fishing and I'm spending the odd afternoon on the Wandle after my old favorite. I've just bought some whitebait and I will probably spend a few hours down there later this week. And probably a lot more time in the summer.

And this is my new wallpaper by Savage Gear which I think is pretty sweet, you can download it from the Savage Gear website here.


  1. Nice logo! I'd like to see a Lemon shark eating a Red Drum eating a Mullet!
    Nice Chub by the way. Things are all quiet over here, but preparations have begun........

  2. Hi Brian,
    You are a little bit behind at the moment with those monster Pike your useualy catch this time of the year, And the Chub can change your ways as well, Once you get the bug for chub, then you will be hooked for a good while, If its what your enjoying then go for it
    Nice wall paper to,