Monday 15 February 2010

15 February 2010 - Session 1/3

Location: Wilton
Number: 13 pike (Me 8, Paul 4 pike + 2 perch, Roger 1)
Largest: 11lb 8oz
Method: Float-fished bleak

With no fish being caught from the Wye for a couple of weeks we knew fishing was going to be difficult. We set out by jumping pegs, spending about 10 minutes in each one looking for signs of prey fish. After 3 hours without a touch I cast out in an unlikely looking swim and had a run within a couple of minutes, resulting in a jack pike of about 3 pounds. Both myself and Paul concentrated on this swim and caught a further 2 pike and 2 bonus perch (both to Paul) within an hour before the action dried up... Time to locate another shoal of prey fish.

It's that bloke from!

It took another 2 hours of jumping between swims before we located a shoal of bleak. This was a larger shoal spread out over 3 or 4 swims. The action was fast and we took 10 pike including 3 doubles to 11lb 8oz and a bonus pike for Roger as he was watching Paul's rod while he helped me net a fish from a tricky swim.

Try a smile damn it!

We should have had more but just after 4pm we ran out of bait (a schoolboy error as the hour before darkness is usually the best). But a final total of 13 pike and 2 perch from a stretch that wasn't fishing too well meant we went home happy.

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