Saturday, 18 August 2018

Mullet Run

Paulos had warned us that the flat tides this week would make shark fishing tough - but you’ve got to be in it to win it. We grabbed the gear and headed for the beach - and we’re surprised to see mullet.

Loads of mullet - the run had started early this year. Where the bait-fish run the predators will follow, soon there will be black tips, red drum and big stingrays hitting the shallow surf...

And Roger hit an early stingray, cracking fight - he does like a stingray battle - before beaching the lovely dark fish above. Only fish of the afternoon, but an absolute beauty - brilliant stuff!

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Monday, 13 August 2018

Blacktip 22281

A trip to Blacktip Island, I’d been looking forward to this and to hopefully getting a big shark on the beach during daylight. Kit ready, bait sorted we were on the dock to watch the sunrise...

Me and Paulos we joining Capt. Keen for a 30 minute run out to the island. Capt. Keen was soon into a couple of sharks. Then one of our rods tried to rip from the spike - I’ll let the photos do the talking...

First fish - Blacktip Shark, 5’ 2”. Fight time: 0:10.

An hour or so later - Blacktip Shark, 5’ 4”. Fight time: 0:15.

And this Shark was tagged, number 22281, measured and reported!

And then I hit something really powerful...

Bull Shark, 6’ 7”. Fight time: 0:55. What a way to finish the session!

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Lightning Lemon

Into the night - again - searching for sharks in a favourable tide. And tonight we were surrounded by thunder storms, nothing overhead so it was safe to fish, but we were treated to a spectacular light show!

After a dropped run I hit a 5’ 8” lemon shark, great to get one on the beach pretty quickly. Over the next few hours we had dropped run after dropped run - and didn’t hit another fish - can’t win them all...

Paulos thought it was probably small sharks (or possibly even turtles) hitting the baits. Still, the five foot lemon made the night, and we will be back to try again! Oh, and the shark’s remora above.

Lemon Shark, 5’ 8”. Fight time: 0:11.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Lemon Sharks

The sun had set, the tide was nearing its peak and the traps were set. Big chunks of stingray fished in a trough about 20-30 yards off shore. And it was a very strong tide tonight, ripping from right to left - hopefully carrying the scent to the unseen predators...

Just before midnight a rod slammed over and Roger was into a fish. In a strong tide a powerful shark becomes almost unstoppable! But over two and a half hours later an exhausted but delighted Roger had a 7’ 8” new PB Lemon Shark on the beach. A seven footer!!

You can’t quit if there are monsters on the feed - and about 3am another bait was hit - my turn for a work out! The 180 yards of mono was gone in seconds and probably 100 yards plus of braid backing. It took over an hour and a half to get all that back.

I had my own seven footer, a 7’ 7” new PB lemon shark was quickly measured and returned. Brilliant! What a night, our guide really knows where to find these sharks - without extensive local knowledge you wouldn’t stand a chance - cheers Paulos!

Lemon Shark, 7’ 8”. Fight time: 2:32. New PB.
Lemon Shark, 7’ 7”. Fight time: 1:40. New PB.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Bull Shark

A morning spent out in the forest watching the local wildlife was followed by an afternoon in a water park, playing in the wave machine and water slides - but as evening approach and the tide was nearing it’s peak it was time to try and find a shark.

On the beach the big baits were cast into the darkness, glow sticks fitted and so began the waiting game. It was a few hours before we had a bite - the rod tried to rip from the spike into the ocean - strike and shark on - a big, powerful shark at that...

I can’t describe how hard she fought, but over 2 hours of back-breaking fight before my prize was hauled from the wash. A bull shark a new species so a new PB, at 6’ 9” what a fish! Quickly measured and returned before we called it a night - exhausting!

Bull Shark, 6’ 9”. Fight time: 2:04. New PB.