Saturday, 27 April 2013

Fishing T-Shirts

With a bit of downtime at work and no fishing I've decided to resurrect my old t-shirt shop, something I've been meaning to do for a while now.

Fishing, Jack's Pike and general nerdy t-shirts, click the link below to visit the shop. Right, really should go and chuck a fly about for a bit...

Visit the shop click here.


  1. Haven't yet made it to the "twenty club"... According to a pike-growth table I found, a 20-pound pike (9kg) should measure approx. 100 cm (ie 40 inches).

    1. And for a 30 lb (13.6 kg) pike expect a length of 117cm (ie 46 inches). Hats off to those who have caught them... and can proudly wear the appropriate t-shirt.

  2. In may ways I think measuring them (especially pike) would be a better standard - harder to mess up and not dependent on time of year. Really want a 30lb t-shirt!

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